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tommy50702's Journal

15 July
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I created this journal to share important and interesting information I find about health, nutrition, exercise, diet foods, and weight loss. I want to write about health related topics because it is a topic that is important to me.

I understand that people come at health from different places. Not everyone has access to good medical care, has a safe place in their neighborhood to go for a run or walk, has access to fitness equipments they might like to use or food they want to eat, or has much free time to think about anything other than making enough money to survive. But I believe that if health is important to you, it is possible to be healthy.

Being healthy is important to me because I do not want to get sick or ill and spend a lot of money that I do not have to pay for medical bills. Medical debt can be overwhelming. My well-off aunt and uncle had to sell a few properties they worked so hard to purchase in order to pay for my aunt's medical treatment. It was very costly. Many people are forced to file bankruptcy because of medical debt. I have learned from the following bankruptcy attorney's website that medical debts can be discharged in bankruptcy:

Law Offices of Martin Seidler
11107 Wurzbach
One Elm Place, Suite 504
San Antonio, Texas 78230
(210) 694-0300
(800) 967-7317

Aside from illness and disease prevention, having a healthy lifestyle gives us the ability to earn more income because it can extend our lives.